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MicroLoans and Education

Program Services

Our program seeks to provide lending and educational support for female business owners who have been working in business for years but do not currently have the foundation in business fundamentals or access to non-exploitative banking services.


We educate women in business strategies ranging from business plan development to budgeting and long-term savings. WE BUILD lends on a group basis, and maps out a payment plan on a group schedule. If the group pays back the loan in full, it may be eligible for a new loan of higher value. 



WE BUILD provides financial resources and microloans to female businessowners who have an established business within the community.  

Business Education

WE BUILD provides an array of business education courses, including budgeting, record keeping, finding a need, working with customers and setting up savings accounts.  

Business Seminars

WE BUILD's program members attend business development class and workshops once a month. WE BUILD also conducts a skills training session to teach the women in the program new trade skills.


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