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Cenante is 57 years old. She is married and has 6 children. She lives in Blaise, a small rural community very remote and difficult to access.


To take care of her family, Cenante does sewing and embroidery. But because she is located in a remote area of Haiti, she cannot easily find the sewing materials. And even when she manages to make something, she cannot sell it for lack of a buyer. So, she decided to set up a small food resale business. The resale of food works very well in the area.


WeBuild allowed her to increase her stock by giving her a micro loan. She used this loan to buy sacks of rice and beans: 

“I live in a very remote rural area where banking services are non-existent. I struggled every day to maintain a small food resale business. The arrival of WEBUILD in the area was like a deliverance for me and for several other traders in the area who benefited from the financial support of WEBUILD. I received a loan of US $ 200 which allowed me to increase my inventory”.

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